Cocum Cambridge

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Cocum Mixed Platter
selection of our vegetarian and non vegetarian starter with various types of chutneys
+ Add (£12.95)
Meenu Varuthathu
(FISH FRY) King fish marinated in authentic medium spicy paste made of red chilli turmeric and lemo juice and deep fried
+ Add (£4.95)
Konchu Porichathu
(PRAWNS)(Egg) King prawns seasoned with spices and marinated in a specially prepared ginger Garlic and black pepper paste and deep fried
+ Add (£5.95)
Lamb Fry
(Soya bean) Boneless cubers of lamb cooked in green masala then stir fried in open kadai and served with fresh salad
+ Add (£4.95)
Mussel Olathiyathu
(MOLLUSCS) Shelled mussel marinated with tomato onion green chilli and other spices dipped on Corn flour batter and stir fried
+ Add (£4.95)
Cocum Chilli Chicken
(egg) Boneless chicken pieces marinated in green spices, yoghurt and fried in a traditional fashion with indian shallotts
+ Add (£4.95)
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